In 2018, the first edition of TACSSYD took place: The Annual Congress of Surgery for Students and Young Doctors. A bold idea implemented, we say, successfully, by the SSCR Craiova team that year. In 2019, the story continued at higher standards. 2020 was a bit of a strange year for all of us; no one knew what was happening and what would be the best approach. We did it online… And it worked! Despite the odds, more than 1000 different people attended the conferences, which made us declare it a real succes!


Now we are back on track and ready to rock the COVID pandemic! TACSSYD IVth edition is going hybrid! With the number of COVID cases going down, we are able to organise on-site and online conferences and also our beloved workshops, thus providing you the complete, authentic TACSSYD experience. Also, using the means we’ve developed last year, we will also broadcast the conferences, facilitating the spread of *viral* (jokes on us) information among the next generation of future doctors.




October 6th-9th, 2021



Ramada Plaza Craiova; University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova; online (for the ones who choose to participate due to COVID concerns).



1. Congresses are a big part of being a doctor. By getting the experience while still young, it will only make you a greater one in the years to follow.

2. Up-to-date information from doctors who, in our opinion, have earned the right to present to you their professional experience and knowledge in the field in which they excel.


3. Reasonable schedule, on-site and also from the comfort and privacy of your own office.