,,The Annual Congress of Surgery for Students and Young Doctors’’- ediția 2 (TACSSYD 2nd Edition)

16:00-18:30  Check-in participants – The hall in front of Aula Magna, Building B, UMF Craiova

19:00-20:00 The opening ceremony of the Congress Aula Magna, Building B, UMF Craiova

20:00 Opening Party Cafeteria UMF Craiova

08:00-09:20 ® Developmental  Dysplasia of the Hip  Dr. Osama Odat ( specialist doctor in ,, Orthopedics and Traumatology’’Iordania)

09:20-09:30® Discussion and Questions

09:30-09:50® Coffee Break

09:50-13:00® Presentation Session Held by Stundents and Residents

09:50-10:00® The Infected Total Knee Artroplasty – A Modern Approach( Author: Băluță Gabriela Diana)- Aula Magna

09:50-10:00® Cutaneous Melanoma Treatment( Author: Mitrache Corina)-Hall A

10:00-10:10® The Use of Minimal Invasive Surgery During On Call Duty( Author: Stoian Octavian Ștefan)-Aula Magna

10:00-10:10® Emergency Treatment of Thermal Burns (Author: Popa Lorena-Ștefania)-Hall A

10:10-10:20® Congenital Malformations of the Abdominal Wall – on the Verge of Extinction? Clinical Case Presentation( Author: Nețoiu Anca-Ștefania)-Aula Magna

10:10-10:20®Breast reconstruction: Functional vs. Aesthetic ( Author: Rădulescu Cristina)-Hall A

10:20-10:30®Laparoscopic Approach in Impalpable Testis in Children( Author: Nuță Elena-Cătălina)-Aula Magna 

10:20-10:30® Orofacial Clefts in Children – Clinical and Therapeutical Aspects( Author: Stoica Ioan)-Hall A 

10:30-10:40® Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor. The Cause of the Intestinal Invagination( Author: Iliescu Carmen-Andrada)-POSTER-Aula Magna

10:30-10:40® Reconstructive Microsurgery Of The Oral Floor( Author: Baboș Valentina)-Hall A


10:40-10:50® Labiaplasty in Adolescents – A Case Report( Author: Elena-Iuliana-Anamaria Berbecaru)-POSTER-Aula Magna

10:40-10:50® Intrathoracic “Fetus in Fetu” – Case Report( Author: Javied-Iqbal Zeenat)-Hall A

10:50-11:00® Acute Epiploitis. Rare Cause of Acute Surgical Abdomen( Author: Mirea Mihai-Daniel-Luca)-POSTER-Aula Magna

10:50-11:00® The Use of Rat PRF in Bone Regeneration( Author: Ștefan Anca-Mihaela)-Hall A

11:00-11:10® Multidisciplinary Treatment in Patients with Early Stage Breast Cancer( Author: Andreea-Cosmina Belu)-POSTER-Aula Magna

11:00-11:10® Laparoscopic Treatment of Renal Cell Carcinoma( Author: Popescu Andrei) -Hall A 

11:10-11:20®Congenital Giant Megaureter( Author: Mitru Gabriel)-POSTER-Aula Magna

11:10-11:20® Common Complications of Trabeculectomy a Retrospective Study( Author: Elena-Iuliana-Anamaria Berbecaru )-Hall A

11:20-11:30®Clinical Aspects and Therapeutic Options in Basal Cell Carcinoma (Author-Bakri Assil,MD) -Aula Magna11:20-11:30®Pseudocyst of Pancreas( Author: Tershnjaku Ana) -Hall A


11:30-11:50® Coffee Break


11:50-12:00® Pupilloplasty and anterior chamber iris-claw lens insertion

post extracapsular cataract extraction – case report (video)( Author: Loredana-Sorina Smărăndache, MD)-Aula Magna 

11:50-12:00® Surgical Anatomy of the Rectum and its Influence on Surgical Procedures in Rectal Cancer( Author: Vîlcea Ioana Cristina)-Hall A

12:00-12:10®Anterior chamber implant, iris-claw lens insertion-case report( Author: Ramona-Iuliana Bălă,MD)-Aula Magna

12:00-12:10® Cervical Cancer Prevention: The Importance of Early Detection( Author: Andreea-Cosmina Belu)-Hall A  

12:10-12:20® Necrotizing Enterocolitis in New Born Early Form( Author: Ilaria Petrovici,MD)-Aula Magna

12:10-12:20® Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma,

an Uncommon Yet Distinct Disease Entity( Author: Elena-Iuliana-Anamaria Berbecaru)- Hall A 

12:20-12:30® Therapeutic Strategies in the Infected Prosthesis (Author: Raul Mureșan,MD)-Aula Magna 

12:30-12:40® Cone Rod Dystrophy-Case Report(Author: Loredana-Sorina Smărăndache, MD)-Aula Magna) 

12:40-12:50®The Treatment of Postoperative Infections with Stimulan(Author-Sorin Oprea,MD)-Aula Magna

12:50-13:10®Inguinal Flap for covering skin defects of the hand( Author: Pourgolafshan  Pouya,MD)-Aula Magna


13:10-14:10® Lunch Break( Cafeteria UMF Craiova)


14:10-19:00® The conferences held by the university teachersAula Magna 

14:10-14:30®Malignant Glaucoma( Author: Lecturer Alin Ștefănescu Dima,MD,PhD) 

14:30-14:50® The Role of Autovaccin and Antibiotic Impregnated Mineral Osseous Graft in the Therapeutic Strategy of Infected Prosthesis( Author: Professor Dan-Nelu Anușca,MD,PhD) 

14:50-15:10® Peripheral Critical Ischemia ( Author: Lecturer Daniela Marinescu,MD,PhD)

15:10-15:30® Aspen Symposium 

15:30-15:50® The Exploration and Treatment of Laryngeal Tumors( Author: Associate Professor  Florin Anghelina,MD,PhD)


15:50-16:10® Coffee Break 


16:10-16:30®Surgery in Female Sterility( Author: Lecturer  Tudorache Ștefania,MD,PhD) 

16:30-16:50® Total Hip Arthroplasty in One Time for Congenital Hip Dislocation( Author: Professor  Dan Grecu,MD,PhD )

16:50-17:10®PMI Science Symposium

17:10-17:30® Imagistic Exploration of Salivary Glands( Author: Associate Professor Adrian Camen,MD,PhD)

17:30-17:50® The Conduct Between the Doctor and the Patient( Author: Professor Alexandru Cameniță,MD,PhD)

17:50-18:10®Coffee Break

18:10-18:30® Multidisciplinary Approach of Breast Cancer( Author: Associate Professor  Stelian Mogoantă,MD,PhD)

18:30-18:50®Eyelid Static Disorders( Author: Assistant Professor  Andrei Bălășoiu,MD,PhD)

18:50-19:10 ® Surgical Treatment of the Severely Burnt Patient( Author: Professor Marius Ciurea,MD,PhD)

Workshops 09:00-12:00

09:00-12:00 ® Workshop Mini ,,Knots and Sutures’’®ROOM 7

09:00-12:00 ® Workshop Mini ,,Bandages’’® ROOM 5

09:00-12:00 ® Workshop Mini ,,Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery’’ ® trainer-Lecturer Răzvan Mercuț,MD,PhD(specialist doctor,,Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Microsurgery’’ SCJU Craiova)® ROOM 1

09:00-12:00 ® Workshop Mini ,,Vascular Surgery’’®trainer-Assistant Professor  Daniela Marinescu,MD,PhD( primary doctor ,,Vascular Surgery’’ SCJU Craiova)® ROOM 6

09:00-12:00 ® Workshop Mini ,,Basic Microsurgery’’®trainer-Assistant Professor  Vlad Pârvănescu,MD,PhD( specialist doctor ,,Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Microsurgery’’ SCJU Craiova)® ROOM 2


09:00-12:00 ® Workshop Mini ,,Cardiovascular Surgery-Repair of the Interatrial defect®trainer- Mihai Meșină,MD,PhD(resident doctor ,,Cardiovascular Surgery’’- Fundeni Hospital,Bucharest)® ROOM 3 

Workshops 14:00-17:00

14:00-17:00 ®Workshop Mini ,, Ophtalmology-Eyeball Anatomy’’®trainer-Lecturer Andrei Olaru,MD,PhD(primary doctor ,, Ophtalmology’’ SCJU Craiova)® ROOM 2

14:00-17:00 ®Workshop Mini ,,Digestive Surgery-Hepatobiliary Surgery’’®trainer-Lecturer Cecil Mirea,MD,PhD(primary doctor,,General Surgery ’’ SCJU Craiova) ® ROOM 1

14:00-17:00 ® Workshop Mini ,,Digestive Surgery-Laparoscopy’’®trainer-Associate Professor  Stelian Mogoantă,MD,PhD(primary doctor, head of the department,,General Surgery ΙI’’ SCJU Craiova)® ROOM Physiology

14:00-17:00 ® Workshop Mini ,,Cardiovascular Surgery-Valve Replacement®trainer- Mihai Meșină,MD,PhD( resident doctor ,,Cardiovascular Surgery’’ Fundeni Hospital,Bucharest)® ROOM 7

14:00-17:00 ® Workshop Mini ,,Interventional Radiology’’®trainer-Professor Cristian Constantin,MD,PhD (primary doctor,head of the department,,Radiology’’ SCJU Craiova)® ROOM 6

14:00-17:00 ® Workshop Mini ,,Fracture Immobilization using Cast’’®trainer-Lecturer  Bogdan Căpitănescu,MD,PhD(primary doctor ,,Orthopaedics and Traumatology’’ SCJU Craiova)® ROOM 5

14:00-17:00 ® Workshop Mini ,,Applied Plastic Surgery’’®trainer-Lecturer Doctor Răzvan Mercuț,MD,PhD(specialist doctor ,,Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Microsurgery’’ SCJU Craiova)® ROOM 3


14:00-17:00 ® Workshop Mini ,,Applied General Surgery’’®trainer-Associate Professor  Stelian Mogoantă,MD,PhD(primary doctor, head of the department ,,General Surgery IΙΙ’’, SCJU Craiova)® ROOM 1

Workshops 17:00-20:00

17:00-20:00 ® Workshop Mini ,, Applied Thoracic Surgery’’®trainer- Professor Ion Mîndrilă,MD,PhD (primary doctor ,, Thoracic Surgery’’, SCJU Craiova)® ROOM 3

17:00-20:00 ® Workshop Mini ,,Gynecology’’®trainer-Associate Professor  Dominic Iliescu,MD,PhD(primary doctor ,,Obstretics and Gynecology, SCJU Craiova)®Stimulation Center(New Medicine)


17:00-20:00 ® Workshop ,, Basic Life Support’’®The Faculty Yard 

10:00-10:20 ®Anterior Rectal Resection with the Preservation of the Sphincter Apparatus for Rectal Cancer( Author: Lecturer Emil Moraru,MD,PhD)

10:20-10:40 ® CT Guided Transthoracic Biopsy Puncture ( Author: Associate Professor Demetrian Alin,MD,PhD)

10:40-11:00® Clinical Case: Nautical Accident with Open Fracture of the Humeral Palette Overinfected( Author: Lecturer  Bogdan Căpitănescu,MD,PhD)

11:00-11:20® The Hand Surgery as a Superspecialisation( Author: Daniel Vîlcioiu,MD)

11:20-11:40 ® Reconstructive Surgery of the Nasal Pyramid( Author: Assistant Professor  Vlad Pîrvănescu,MD,PhD)

 11:40-12:00® Onioptic Symposium

12:00-12:20® Coffee Break               

12:20-12:40® The Concept of Minimal Invasive Surgery in Newborn and Baby( Author: Lecturer Alin Stoica,MD,PhD)

12:40-13:00® Multiple Ways of Treatment in Renal Lithiasis( Author:Lecturer Octavian Drăgoescu,MD,PhD)

13:00-13:20®Multiple Ways of Treatment in Renal Lithiasis( Author: Lecturer Andrei-Ioan Drocaș, MD,PhD) 

13:20-13:40® Multiple Ways of Treatment in Renal Lithiasis (Author: Associate Professor George Mitroi,MD,PhD)

13:40-14:00® Mastopexy and Breast Reduction( Author: Lecturer  Răzvan Mercuț,MD,PhD)

14:00-14:20® Overview of Orthopedic Surgery( Author: Professor Raphael Sinna,MD,PhD)


14:20-14:40® Coffee Break



14:40-15:00®Overview of Plastic Surgery ( Author: Lecturer Abdulshakoor Abeer, MD,PhD)