Accepted papers 

1.       Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma, an uncommon yet distinct disease entity (Author- Elena-Iuliana-Anamaria Berbecaru)

2.       Breast Reconstruction:  functional vs. aesthetic (Author- Rădulescu Cristina)

3.       Cervical cancer prevention: the importance of early detection (Author-Belu  Andreea  Cosmina )

4.       Congenital giant megaureter (Author- Mitru Gabriel)

5.       Congenital malformations of the abdominal wall- on the verge of extinction? Clinical presentation (Author-Nețoiu Anca Ștefania)

6.       Cutaneous melanoma treatment (Author- Mitrache Corina)

7.       Emergency treatment of thermal burns (Author- Popa Lorena Ștefania)

8.       Intrathoracic “Fetus in Fetus”- Case Report (Author- Javied-Iqbal Zeenat)

9.       Ischemic coronary artery disease. Management and treatment (Author- Dobre Nicolae)

10.   Labiaplasty in adolescents-a case report (Author- Elena-Iulian-Anamaria Berbecaru)

11.   Laparoscopic approach in impalpable testis in children (Author- Nuță Elena Cătălina)

12.   Multidisciplinary treatment in patients with early stage breast cancer (Author-Belu  Andreea Cosmina)

13.   Pseudocyst of pancreas (Author- Tershnjaku Ana)

14.   The infected total knee artroplasty-a modern approach (Author Băluță Gabriela Diana)

15.   The use of minimal invasive surgery during On Call Duty (Author- Stoian Octavian Ștefan)

16.   Common complications of trabeculectomy  (Author- Elena-Iulian-Anamaria Berbecaru)

17.   Acute epiploitis.Rare cause of acute surgical abdomen (Mirea Mihai Daniel Luca)

18.   The use of rat PRF in bone regeneration (Ștefan Anca Mihaela)

19.   Surgical anatomy of the rectum and its influence on surgical procedures in rectal cancer( Vîlcea Ioana Cristina)

20.   Reconstructive microsurgery of the oral floor (Baboș Valentina )

21.   Laparoscopic treatment of renal cell carcinoma ( Popescu Andrei)

22.  Gastrointestinal stromal tumour. The cause of the intestinal invagination( Iliescu Carmen Andrada)

23.Orofacial clefts in children – clinical and therapeutical aspects ( Author- Stoica Ioan)

24.Pupilloplasty and anterior chamber iris-claw lens insertion post extracapsular cataract extraction –case report (video) (Author: Loredana Sorina Smarandache, MD)


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