The Romanian Student Society of Surgery, a non-governmental, non-profit organization, was set up in 2003 to develop practical training methods for students from medical university centers. Its main activities are scientific events and workshops organized on various topics.

With a balance sheet of over 13 years of activity in both the center and the 10 subsidiaries in the country, SSCR prepared aproximately 13,396 participants in the approximately 287 workshop totaling over 1400 days devoted to developing practical skills in the surgical and basic medical maneuvering.

Both Basic and Advanced workshops, plus other internships and trainings specific to each subsidiary, are organized from participation fees, sponsorships and donations.

In recent years, the Society has had a real interest among students and young doctors, the demand for training overtaking the offer. In this regard, we have increased and diversified the number of workshops and activities from year to year, thus having the opportunity to train several participants, trainers and doctors of tomorrow.