Are you a medical student who has a passion for surgery?

Ever wanted to have a better understanding of the surgical specialities?

Do you have the desire to learn about surgery in a fun and attractive way?

Well, you came in the right place because TACCSYD is the answer.

The Annual Congress of Surgery for Students and Young Doctors is a bold project meant to bring together your desire, love and passion for the surgical world.

You will find here all the surgical specialities and their approach, from classical operations to minimally invasive ones.

As you already expect we have prepared for you 3 days full of learning opportunities, both theory and applied, this is why we gathered our best teachers for these conferences.

But also we didn’t forget about the fun part: 4 social nights with different themes and surprises in which you can socialize with your collegues or meet new ones from other universities.

The Scientific part is composed of lectures (held on different diagnoses and cases in which top doctors where involved) and a paper-poster presentation (in which students and young doctors have the opportunity to show their set of skills and knowledge in different surgical specialities such as plastic surgery, gynecology, general surgery and many more in front of a professional jury).

The practical part is based on surgical procedures applied on biological material from different animals, cadavers and different simulators.

TACCSYD workshops are as follows: mini urology workshop, mini orthopaedics workshop, mini plastic workshop, mini ginecology workshop, mini digestive workshop and much more.

TACSSYD will be held between 10-13 October 2018 at “The University of Medicine and Pharmacy Craiova” organized by SSCR Craiova under the direct coordination of Prof. Univ. Dr. Marius Eugen Ciurea

More surprises are on the way. Stay tuned!


  Prof. Univ. Dr. Marius Eugen Ciurea   

 Head of Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery 

 Alexandru-Ionel Tălăban

                    President of SSCR Craiova 2017-2018                   

Pavel-Dan Sbora

Treasurer of SSCR Craiova 2017-2018